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CPD Residency Requirement Proposal Clarification

I have received some questions about the CPD residency issue. As we all know CPD is in a manpower crisis compounded by a recruitment crisis. I want to make clear that as a recruitment tool to expand the pool of quality candidates, I would allow CPD recruits not to have to maintain a Chicago residence until their 18-month probationary period is up. They then would be required to maintain city residency throughout their tenure with the Chicago Police Department.

Currently, CPD recruits must have a Chicago residency upon starting the Chicago Police Academy which oftentimes leaves them scrambling to find a place to live (for those living outside the city limits) with many times only a few weeks' notices they are to start the academy.  Providing this time for recruits allows those who are not from Chicago or even Illinois the opportunity to search for a neighborhood and get familiar with the City of Chicago.

As Mayor, I want to hire the best and the brightest and will utilize common sense recruitment incentives to achieve that.


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