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Alderman Brendan Reilly is Latest Major Chicago Leader to Endorse Paul Vallas for Mayor

Council President Pro-Tempore Represents City’s Downtown

Mayoral frontrunner Paul Vallas picked up another major endorsement this morning, with Alderman Brendan Reilly becoming the latest significant Chicago leader to back the surging candidate. Alderman Reilly serves as President Pro-Tempore of the City Council and is a former Vice Mayor. Alderman Reilly serves as a champion for the downtown business community and is a vocal advocate for greater fiscal discipline and accountability at City Hall.

“The Central Business District that I represent is the beating heart of our city’s economy, and we need a Mayor like Paul Vallas who will put public safety first and make our downtown and all neighborhoods safer,” said Alderman Reilly. “I’m excited to endorse Paul because he’s clearly the candidate best equipped to make Chicago safer and bring real accountability to city government.”

Vallas has previously been endorsed by Alderman Tom Tunney and Alderman Brian Hopkins, as well as the Chicago Tribune editorial board and the LGBT Chamber of Commerce of Illinois. Despite numerous recent false and misleading attacks by his opponents, Vallas is continuing to build major momentum heading into Election Day.

“Alderman Reilly is one of our city’s most thoughtful, dynamic leaders and it’s an honor to have his support,” said Vallas. “As the Council representative for Chicago’s Central Business District, Alderman Reilly knows better than anyone how important it is to make our city safer in order to help local businesses of all sizes thrive. I look forward to working closely with Brendan to move our city forward.”

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