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Chicago Business Leaders Endorse Vallas, Sound the Alarm on Johnson’s “Radical” Tax Increase Plan

Extreme Candidate Wants to Raise Taxes by $800 Million

Chicago business leaders are endorsing Paul Vallas for Mayor and sounding the alarm on his opponent Brandon Johnson’s plan to raise taxes by $800 million, with much of it hitting the middle class and small businesses. The Chicago Tribune has called Johnson’s tax increase plan “radical,” and now leaders from the Chicagoland Apartment Association, Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, Illinois Hotel & Lodging Association, Illinois Manufacturers’ Association, and the Illinois Retail Merchants Association are endorsing Vallas and speaking out about the disastrous impact Johnson’s plans would have on the city’s economy.

The organizations are releasing the following joint statement:

“It is imperative that business and government leaders work in tandem with a balanced approach to solving complex issues related to our city’s economy, and Brandon Johnson’s extreme tax increase plan would devastate Chicago and cost countless jobs. Johnson’s plan, which the Chicago Tribune called “radical,” would increase taxes by $800 Million and hit the middle class and small businesses. He would increase taxes on hotels and motels that are still struggling to get through the pandemic, reinstate the employee head tax which charges businesses for each job they create within the city, increase taxes on real estate transactions which would stifle affordable housing development and much more. Meanwhile, Johnson’s plan to defund the police would make the city less safe and further damage our economy. Paul Vallas is the only candidate in this race with a real plan for economic development that will uplift communities throughout the city, and that is why we are proud to endorse him today.”

Leaders from the endorsing groups are available for interview by request, please email to schedule.

Vallas has articulated a vision for economic development that involves creating a new independent development agency, reducing barriers to growth and investing in underserved communities. More information is available here.

“Brandon Johnson’s radical tax increases would hit middle class residents and small businesses, kill numerous jobs and permanently damage our city’s economy,” said Vallas. “I’m thankful to the business community for supporting my campaign and helping to expose Johnson’s $800 million tax increase plan because it’s critical for every Chicago resident to understand how high the stakes are in this election. Brandon Johnson wants to defund the police and raise taxes on the middle class, and I want to make our city safer and invest in the communities that need the most help.”

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