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Chuy Garcia’s Public Safety Plan “Not Significantly Different” Than Mayor Lightfoot’s Policies

Vallas Says Neither Lightfoot Nor Garcia Have Real Answers to Make Chicago Safer

When Congressman and mayoral contender Jesus “Chuy” Garcia released his public safety plan last week, he criticized Mayor Lori Lightfoot for failing to keep Chicago safe. But according to WTTW’s Heather Cherone, Garcia’s plan is “... not significantly different than the policies pursued in recent months by Lori Lightfoot.”

In both their tenures in public office, neither Mayor Lightfoot or Rep. Garcia have delivered results in reducing crime across Chicago. In 2022 alone Chicago saw a 30% increase in crime and 158% more shootings under Mayor Lightfoot’s watch. Meanwhile, Rep. Garcia hasn’t done anything to help — when he had had the opportunity to provide federal funding for local priorities he did not select a single public safety recipient.

“It’s clear that neither Lori Lightfoot or Chuy Garcia have any real solutions to make our city safer,” said Vallas. “Chicago needs a Mayor who will put reducing crime and keeping people safe first instead of settling for more failed leadership from Mayor Lightfoot and Rep. Garcia.”

Read Paul Vallas’ plan to make Chicago safer here:


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