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Continuing to Build Momentum, Vallas Raises Over $2 Million in January

New Poll Again Shows Vallas in the Lead

Mayoral candidate Paul Vallas is continuing to build significant momentum behind his surging campaign, and he is announcing today that he has now raised more than $2 Million since January 1. The massive fundraising effort has allowed Vallas to outpace all other candidates in television advertising spending, while also building robust communications, voter outreach and organizing programs.

“Our campaign is resonating with people all over Chicago because even if we disagree on some issues, we can all see that our city’s biggest problem is public safety and that we need a Mayor who will make our communities safer,” said Vallas. “I want to thank everyone who is donating to our campaign because they feel personally invested in winning this race and turning our city around.”

Matching other recent polling that has shown a clear surge in Vallas’ share of the mayoral vote, another poll released this week shows the candidate leading the pack in the race for Mayor. With continued strong fundraising numbers, the Vallas campaign will press its advantage by communicating his message of putting crime reduction and public safety first.

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