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Cook County Assessor Closes Investigation, Confirms “No Violation Occurred” RE: Vallas Residency

The Cook County Assessor’s Office released a statement today confirming that there was no violation regarding Paul Vallas’ residency and officially closing its investigation into the matter.

The statement from the Assessor’s Office read:

“The Cook County Assessor’s Office has concluded its investigation into a possible erroneous exemption on a Palos Heights property owned by a trust that lists Sharon Vallas as the recipient of a homeowner’s exemption on the property. Our office’s investigation determined the property is eligible for the exemptions it receives and that Ms. Vallas is a primary resident at the home.”

The Vallas for Mayor campaign is releasing the following statement:

"This so-called investigation by the Cook County Assessor was closed in less than 24 hours because the information reported by WTTW regarding Paul Vallas was blatantly false. We are disappointed this story was reported before the Vallas campaign was given adequate time to conduct due diligence and set the record straight.

As the campaign enters its final weeks and Paul Vallas maintains his lead in the polls, we expect to see more false and misleading attacks from the other candidates in the race. We will remain focused on the real issues that are important to Chicagoans, like public safety, education and accountability.”


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