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Education Leader Gery Chico Endorses Vallas for Mayor

Former CPS Board President, State Board of Education Chairman Backs Vallas

Vallas for Mayor is announcing its second key endorsement of the runoff campaign, this time earning the support of former Chicago School Board President, State Board of Education Chairman and mayoral candidate Gery Chico. Chico joins legendary former Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White in endorsing Vallas and reflects the growing consensus that Paul Vallas is the right choice to be Mayor.

“Paul Vallas is unequivocally the most qualified candidate to be mayor,” said Chico. “Throughout his time in city government and leading our public schools he has taken on tough challenges and delivered real results for the people of Chicago. I know Chicagoans will make the right choice on April 4th.”

Vallas and Chico worked closely together during their years of collaboration as CEO and Board President of Chicago Public Schools. That collaboration resulted in increased student test scores, labor peace with no teacher strikes, expanded enrollment by over 33,000 students and almost $1 billion in surplus for the district.

“When Gery Chico and I worked together at Chicago Public Schools we raised test scores, built new schools in underserved neighborhoods and created what President Bill Clinton at the time called a national model for public education,” said Vallas. “We’re building a broad coalition in this campaign and with leaders like Jesse White, Gery Chico and more standing beside me, I feel very proud of the team we are putting together.”

Photos from the event are available here:

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