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Former Mayoral Candidate Alderwoman Sophia King Endorses Vallas for Mayor

King is Latest Chicago Democratic Leader to Back Vallas

Former Mayoral candidate and Chair of the City Council’s Progressive Caucus, Alderwoman Sophia King, is endorsing Paul Vallas for Mayor. King is the latest Chicago Democratic leader to support Vallas, building on the major endorsement this weekend of U.S. Senator Dick Durbin and many other leaders.

“Our city is at a pivotal crossroad and after much deliberation and several discussions with both candidates, I believe that Paul Vallas is the best candidate to significantly move our city forward. Paul has the strongest plans to make our neighborhoods safe, secure jobs and community investment, shore up minority participation and bring trades back to schools,” said King. “As a leader of one of the most diverse communities in our city, it is clear that we need a Mayor who will focus on collaboration and not confrontation. Paul has demonstrated a willingness to soundboard ideas and shift his approach with the counsel of those who have the best interests of our city’s most vulnerable people at heart. That is why I am proud to support him as the next Mayor of Chicago.”

King joins several other former mayoral candidates who participated in the Primary election in endorsing Vallas, including Willie Wilson, Ja’Mal Green and Roderick Sawyer.

“I stood on the debate stage with Alderwoman Sophia King many times and I was always impressed by her understanding of the challenges facing our city and the solutions needed to confront them,” said Vallas. “It’s an honor to have Sophia’s endorsement as we enter the final week of this election, because our campaign is based on doing what’s best for Chicago. I will be a Mayor for all Chicagoans, and we’re going to fight hard for every vote.”

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