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Former Mayoral Candidate, Business Leader Dr. Willie Wilson Endorses Vallas for Mayor

Wilson Supports Vallas’ Call to Make Public Safety a Civil Right

Mayoral candidate and business leader Dr. Willie Wilson is endorsing Paul Vallas in the runoff election. Wilson is now the second former opponent to support Vallas, joining Alderman Roderick Sawyer who endorsed Vallas earlier this week. In making the endorsement, Wilson cited Vallas’ public safety platform, his call to make public safety a civil right and his plans for equitable investments in the South and West sides of the city.

“I know that Paul Vallas is the only candidate left in this race who will do what’s needed to make Chicago safer, and that’s why he has my support,” said Wilson. “Paul has a long history of working closely with the Black community and his plans to invest in neighborhoods that have been neglected for too long is impressive, and he will do it without imposing new taxes that will drive away companies and jobs. I’m glad to stand with Paul and I encourage my supporters to come out and vote for him in the runoff election.”

Dr. Wilson is the latest high profile city leader to endorse Vallas in the runoff election, joining former Secretary of State Jesse White, Alderman Walter Burnett, Alderman and former Mayoral candidate Rod Sawyer, educator Dr. Joyce Kenner and more.

“As someone who lost a son to gun violence, Willie Wilson knows better than anyone how important it is to make Chicago safer and I’m proud to earn his support,” said Vallas. “It’s incredibly gratifying to continue drawing more and more support to our campaign from across our city representing every community, and I look forward to announcing more supporters soon.”

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