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Lakefront Alderman Tom Tunney Endorses Vallas for Mayor

City’s First Openly Gay Alderman and Ann Sather Restaurant Owner Supports Surging Candidate

Lakefront Alderman Tom Tunney is endorsing Paul Vallas for Mayor, adding a major new dose of momentum to the surging Vallas campaign. As Chicago’s first openly gay Alderman, the city’s Vice Mayor since 2019, a longtime fixture in the city’s political scene for decades and a highly successful entrepreneur and owner of Ann Sather Restaurant, Alderman Tunney is one of Chicago’s most respected and influential political leaders.

“After careful consideration, today I am proud to share that I am endorsing and voting for Paul Vallas for Mayor of Chicago and urge all Chicagoans who care about public safety, public education and public finances to join me,” said Alderman Tunney. “As a person who is socially progressive and fiscally responsible, the platform that Paul Vallas has for Chicago most closely aligns with what I believe, both as a member of the City Council for two decades and as a small business owner for forty years. Paul is the candidate who understands he can’t do all that needs to be done alone. I am confident that he will surround himself with the best people to advise and guide him through the next four years, and I’m proud to support him.”

The Vallas for Mayor campaign has been on a major surge in recent weeks, with the candidate rocketing to the top of numerous polls both from independent sources and other candidates. Alderman Tunney’s endorsement will only add even more momentum to Vallas’ campaign to put crime reduction and public safety first.

“Alderman Tunney is one of our city’s most experienced, respected public servants and it is a true honor to earn his endorsement for our campaign,” said Vallas. “I’m running for Mayor to put crime reduction and public safety first, and we will only be able to accomplish that with a true coalition of leaders across our city from every community who share our vision for a safer, better Chicago. There is no one I would rather work with to implement that plan and build that team than Tom Tunney.”


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