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LGBT Chamber of Commerce of Illinois Endorses Vallas for the Mayor of Chicago

Illinois’ LGBT Business Organization Praises Vallas for Strong Support for Equality for the Community, Vision for Chicago Businesses, and Living in a Safer Chicago

The LGBT Chamber of Commerce of Illinois (formerly the Greater Chicago Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce) is endorsing Paul Vallas for Mayor, citing his long record of support for the LGBT community and his vision for helping businesses thrive in the city through new opportunities and new chamber initiatives. Vallas was recently endorsed by Alderman Tom Tunney, the first openly gay member of the City Council in the 44th Ward and small business owner, as well. Vallas was an early supporter of marriage equality who worked closely with trailblazing activist and former State Senator and Illinois Comptroller Dawn Clark Netsch.

“We reached out to all the campaigns to see which candidate is most aligned with our community, who has a plan and strategy, who would be a true champion for us, and who can help us work through the significant issues of equality that we and our members face," said LGBT Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Dillin Ravenscraft. "While other candidates didn't respond, Paul engaged with us quickly, came to us with solutions for our problems, and has shown to be an outstanding collaborator. For those reasons, we are proud to support Paul Vallas for Mayor. We truly believe he'll be a great Mayor for everyone and be the voice for equality that the LGBTQ+ community deserves."

Vallas’ vision for helping Chicago businesses thrive starts with making the city safer, which will allow entrepreneurs and established corporations to set up shop in the city. He also has an ambitious vision for economic development that includes numerous steps designed to increase investment in the community.

“I have always been a strong believer in equality and I treasured my friendship with trailblazing activist Dawn Clark Netsch, so it is really an honor to be endorsed by the LGBT Chamber of Commerce,” said Vallas. “Businesses and communities in Chicago are struggling because our city isn’t safe and we haven’t done what’s necessary to support these communities. As Mayor, I will work tirelessly to fix both of those problems and help our communities thrive.”

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