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Paul Vallas Celebrates Signing of Commonsense Statewide Gun Safety Legislation

Law immediately bans the sale of assault weapons and high capacity magazines

Mayoral candidate Paul Vallas is in full support of the historic, sweeping gun safety legislation that was signed into law yesterday by Governor J.B. Pritzker. The bill immediately bans the sale of assault weapons and high capacity magazines across Illinois, taking decisive action to reduce access to dangerous weapons of war. Vallas believes that stricter gun safety laws will help Chicago address ongoing gun violence that has led to over 2,000 murders over the last three years.

“I want to congratulate Governor Pritzker on signing this historic and much needed gun legislation that will make communities across Illinois safer,” said Paul Vallas. “Public safety is a human right, and it is the government’s responsibility to ensure residents feel safe and secure. Confronting Chicago’s crime problem and making our city safer is my top priority and Governor Pritzker just provided us with an additional tool to achieve this goal.”

Paul Vallas recently released his plan to address the public safety crisis in Chicago. As Mayor, Vallas would implement a true community-based policing that provides officers with the training, supervision and tools to support and protect the community-at-large.

Read about Paul’s Public Safety plan here:

Paul Vallas is an internationally renowned leader and expert administrator with a plan to tackle the issues Chicagoans care about most including getting crime under control; empowering parents to decide what education is best for their children (regardless of income or ZIP code), and putting Chicago back on solid financial footing by making sound investment decisions and budgeting sustainably.

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