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Paul Vallas Wants to Hear From Chicagoans: How Has Rising Crime Affected You?

Candidate Launches New Website where Residents Can Share Their Story

Rising crime is affecting people all throughout Chicago in every community, and mayoral frontrunner Paul Vallas is launching a new campaign asking residents to share their stories directly about how they have personally been impacted by it. The new page on Vallas’ campaign website includes a brief survey about residents’ experiences with crime and a form where they can tell their story in text, video or audio, with their name included or anonymously.

The “Share Your Crime Story” page is located here:

“We all know that rising crime is our city’s biggest problem, but looking at statistics and trends can’t capture the full picture of what’s happening in our neighborhoods and the only way to do that is to hear directly from the people who have been victimized or otherwise affected by crime,” said Vallas. “I’ve already spoken to so many residents about their experiences, and that has made my commitment to being a Mayor who listens to the people and who encourages transparency, accountability and open dialogue even stronger. Chicagoans deserve to be heard, and city leaders need to know what’s really going on, so I encourage residents to use this new tool to share their story.”

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