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Standing Room Only Crowd Joins Paul Vallas at 11th and 15th Ward Tour Event

Vallas Supporters Listened to His Plans for a Safer Chicago

Mayoral candidate Paul Vallas hosted hundreds of supporters for his Ward Tour event last night for the 11th and 15th Wards. Residents, small business owners and community leaders came out to share their concerns and listened to Vallas speak about his comprehensive plans for restoring neighborhood safety, revamping failing schools and implementing effective public budgeting to encourage economic growth and increase access to good paying jobs.

“Thank you to all who joined me at our Ward Tour event last night. It was standing room only at The Phoenix. I am looking forward to hosting these events across the city and to continue discussing how we can solve our community’s most important problems,” said Vallas. “I’m running for Mayor to put crime and your safety first. I will work tirelessly to ensure that our communities are safe and secure for all and together we will turn Chicago around.”

The Vallas campaign has scheduled Ward stops at local restaurants, taverns, and banquet halls all across Chicago. These events will be announced by the campaign in advance, click here to see our upcoming events.


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