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U.S. Senator Dick Durbin Endorses Vallas for Mayor

One of State’s Top Democratic Leaders Backs Vallas in Monumental Endorsement

Paul Vallas announced a monumental new endorsement today with U.S. Senator Dick Durbin throwing his support behind the leading candidate. Senator Durbin has represented the people of Illinois in the Senate since 1997. He is the Senate Majority Whip and the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The support from one of the state’s top Democratic leaders is the latest sign of the Vallas campaign’s continuing momentum leading up to Election Day on April 4.

"Paul Vallas is a lifelong Democrat whom I have worked with for many years. He is a thoughtful leader who can strengthen Chicago’s economy and create jobs. He will be a mayor for all of Chicago and will move the city forward," said Sen. Durbin. "With his focus on safer neighborhoods, improved schools, and economic growth, I am proud to stand with Paul, and urge all Chicagoans to support his election on April 4."

Senator Durbin is the latest major Democratic figure to endorse Vallas for Mayor. He joins party heavyweights like former Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, former Congressman Bobby Rush, Obama administration Education Secretary Arne Duncan and numerous other high-profile Democrats in supporting Vallas.

“It’s a thrill to earn the support of one of our state’s most distinguished and effective public servants in Senator Durbin,” said Vallas. “My campaign is about making our city safer and solving the many challenges that it’s facing, and with support from leading Democrats like Senator Durbin I know that we will be successful. I thank Senator Durbin for his support and I’m incredibly energized by this endorsement and ready to work hard for every vote over the next nine days.”

The event was also attended by several other elected officials who have endorsed Vallas, including former Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, Aldermen Walter Burnett, Michelle Harris, Nicole Lee, Emma Mitts, Debra Silverstein and Alderman-elect Bennett Lawson.

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