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Vallas a Clear Winner at First Chicago Mayoral Debate

Mayoral Candidate Presses Advantage on City’s #1 Issue — Public Safety

Paul Vallas came out as a clear winner at tonight’s first televised Mayoral Debate, continuing the significant momentum building behind his campaign. As he has throughout the race, Vallas continued to press his advantage on the number one issue in the city by clearly establishing himself as the candidate best equipped to reduce crime and make Chicago safer.

“Tonight voters heard from nine candidates on the debate stage and it became more clear than ever that Paul Vallas is the only one who voters can count on to reduce crime and make Chicago safer,” said Vallas chief strategist Joe Trippi. “As this campaign heads into the home stretch, Paul will continue to deliver a strong message on the issues that matter most to voters just like he did tonight.”

Vallas spoke at the debate about key aspects of his Public Safety Plan including instituting a community policing strategy, hiring more police officers, putting officers on public transportation and much more. He also outlined plans to improve Chicago Public Schools by shrinking the size of the central office administration and putting more money into the classroom, capping individual residential property taxes to make the city more affordable, and much more.

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