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Vallas Announces Education Plan to Make Chicago Schools Safer, Direct More Resources to Classrooms

Plan includes utilizing public schools after hours to provide safe spaces for student activities, creating new work study programs, redirecting funding from central administration to educational programs

CHICAGO, IL — Mayoral candidate and former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas announced his education platform today, aimed at making the city’s public schools safer and more successful for all students. Vallas’ plan includes numerous steps designed to reimagine schools as community centers to support students and families and reduce crime, provide better student programming, identify and support at-risk students, and provide the skills necessary for every student to succeed.

Read Paul’s full Education Plan here:

“The future of our city rests on the shoulders of our school system and our children, but we’re failing them both today in two critical ways — our schools are not safe and our children are not receiving the quality public education they deserve,” said Vallas. “My plan addresses both of those critical problems by taking steps to reimagining our schools as true community centers to make our kids and our neighborhoods safer, redirecting funding away from the central administration and into the classroom and much more.”

Highlights of Vallas’ education plan include:

  • Opening schools well into the evening, weekend and holidays to provide academic support, recreational activities and community-based services

  • Creating paid High School Work Study programs in place of non-essential electives to build the competence, confidence and life skills

  • Expanding the Alternative Schools network and opening Adult High Schools to reclaim the thousands of students who left during the pandemic.

  • Empowering and trusting local communities through elected Local School Councils and redirecting funds there instead of the Central Administration

  • Systematically identifying at-risk students and providing early intervention and support

  • Expanding quality school options by converting failing or under-enrolled schools into magnet schools or other models directed by the local community

Vallas was joined at the event by several educators and leaders in the field, including former Chicago Teachers Union President Deborah Lynch who also endorsed Vallas for Mayor.

“I’ve made it my life’s work in public service to restore broken educational systems, from right here in Chicago to other big cities around the country,” said Vallas. “Under my administration we will stop failing our kids and take concrete steps to make our schools safer and more effective, because our city’s future depends on it.”

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