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Vallas Calls For Broader Investigation into Mayor Lightfoot’s Misuse of City Resources

After New Revelation on CPD Deployment; CPD Exempt Officers Were Ordered to Go Door to Door Instead of Doing Police Work

Mayoral candidate Paul Vallas is calling for the investigation into Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s misuse of government power and resources to be broadened after new revelations have come to light concerning Chicago Police Department supervisors being ordered to go door to door talking to residents about city services rather than doing real police work. The report comes on the heels of Mayor Lightfot’s school email scandal, which is already under investigation by the Chicago Public Schools Inspector General and which the ACLU said may have violated federal law.

“Mayor Lightfoot is showing a clear pattern of trying to misuse her official governmental powers to help her re-election campaign and the investigation into her conduct must be broadened beyond its current scope to determine the extent of any legal or ethical violations,” said Vallas. “As if trying to intimidate CPS teachers and students into supporting her campaign wasn’t bad enough, taking police superiors away from their regular duties at a time when crime is out of control in our city is unconscionable. It’s clear that this extends beyond the jurisdiction of CPS and I believe it is time for law enforcement to take a serious look at this situation to protect the integrity of our city institutions.”

Paul Vallas is an internationally renowned leader and expert administrator with a plan to tackle the issues Chicagoans care about most including getting crime under control; empowering parents to decide what education is best for their children (regardless of income or ZIP code), and putting Chicago back on solid financial footing by making sound investment decisions and budgeting sustainably.

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