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Vallas Calls for Wider Investigation Into Lightfoot’s Abuses of Power After Ethics Board Referral

Questions Remain About Mayor’s Conduct

The Chicago Board of Ethics officially called for a full investigation of Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago Public Schools email scandal at its public meeting on Monday. Mayoral challenger Paul Vallas is calling for the ensuing investigation by the city’s Inspector General to be widened to include other recently documented examples of Mayor Lightfoot abusing her power.

“Our city deserves better than an old school political boss misusing taxpayer resources and bullying public employees, so we concur with the Board of Ethics calling for a full investigation into Mayor Lightfoot’s continued abuses of power,” said Vallas. “Unfortunately, the Mayor trying to coerce CPS teachers and students into helping her campaign is not an isolated incident. From allegations of misdirecting police resources into campaigning to spending tax dollars to promote herself just weeks before the election, there is a clear pattern of unethical behavior here that must be investigated.”

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