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Vallas Calls Out Chuy Garcia on Failing to Address Chicago’s Public Safety Crisis

Garcia Has Been Absent in Both Words and Actions Despite Being in Office for Over 35 Years

Congressman and mayoral candidate Chuy Garcia announced his public safety plan today, but after years of staying silent in the face of rising crime and failing to deliver federal funding for public safety programs his words ring hollow. Garcia has been an elected official representative and is now ting parts of Chicago for over 35 years, and since that time he has rarely engaged on the most important issue facing the city before launching his current campaign for Mayor.

“Chuy Garcia has been in elected office for over three decades and he’s done little to nothing in any of those roles to make Chicago safer,” said mayoral candidate Paul Vallas. “Garcia could have spoken out against the rising tide of violence in our streets, but he has not. He could have supported the men and women of the Chicago Police Department when they needed it, but he instead aligned himself with anti-police politicians. And when Chuy Garcia had the opportunity to deliver federal funding to make our city a safer place he chose not to.”

When given the opportunity to support critical public safety initiatives through the Congressional Community Project Funding Program, Garcia submitted zero public safety related requests for funding. The program began two years ago as a way for members of Congress to direct funding towards critical needs in their districts.

“I’m running for Mayor to put reducing crime and making Chicago safer my first priority, and it’s clear from his record that Chuy Garcia just doesn’t share that same commitment,” concluded Vallas.

Vallas has released a comprehensive plan to make Chicago safer that is available here on his website:


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