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Vallas Calls Out Lightfoot For Yet Another Misuse of Taxpayer Funds to Support Her Campaign

How Many Tax Dollars Are Behind Social Bonds Ad Campaign Featuring Mayor Lightfoot?

With questions still swirling around Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s most recent ethics scandal involving improper use of city resources to help her campaign, candidate Paul Vallas is calling out what appears to be yet another example of Lightfoot spending taxpayer money to help herself get re-elected.

The City of Chicago recently launched a Social Bonds program that allows individuals to purchase investment products that would direct revenue to city projects and services. According to Crain’s Chicago Business, the effort to market the bonds “ … kicked into overdrive last week through ‘hyper-local’ advertisements on transit and radio.” Guess who is front and center in that taxpayer-funded marketing campaign? Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

“It’s totally inappropriate for Mayor Lightfoot to use taxpayer funds and city resources to promote her re-election campaign, period,” said Vallas. “Chicago residents deserve to know how much of our money Mayor Lightfoot is wasting on ads featuring herself just weeks before the election. The city could easily promote this program without featuring the Mayor in the ad campaign, and doing so smacks of the same kind of unethical government that has plagued our city for decades.”


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