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Vallas Calls Out Lightfoot’s Abject Failure to Manage Criminal Registry Database

WBEZ Report Says Mayor Has No Plan to Fix Glaring Problems

Mayoral frontrunner Paul Vallas is calling out Mayor Lori Lightfoot for her abject failure to manage and maintain the city’s criminal registry database, which is putting residents at greater risk. According to a WBEZ report: “Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is refusing to provide details on how she is addressing problems with the way the city maintains criminal registries. People convicted of certain violent crimes, gun crimes and sex crimes must periodically notify police of their home address and other details. But a WBEZ investigation found they were routinely turned away by the city because of police staffing shortages.”

Vallas is releasing the following statement:

“Mayor Lightfoot’s failure on public safety is so complete that under her leadership simple tasks like keeping these essential criminal registry databases up to date are not getting done,” said Vallas. “Mayor Lightfoot’s failure in this case not only makes our residents less safe, it also denigrates the rights of returning citizens who we should be supporting as they try to rebuild their lives and contribute to society instead of putting unnecessary obstacles in their path. These laws exist to help us to understand potential risks to the public of future illegal activity, and as Mayor I will ensure that CPD is up to the task of maintaining these databases.”

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