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Vallas Calls Out Lightfoot’s Shameful Failure to Fire White Supremacist Cop

Vallas: I’ll Always Support CPD, But I’ll Also Hold Them Accountable

At a recent mayoral debate candidates were asked if they would move to terminate the Chicago police officer who was exposed for being a member of the Proud Boys, a notorious white supremacist organization. While Paul Vallas definitively answered that he would fire the officer, Mayor Lightfoot shamefully blamed the FBI for not sharing evidence with the city and once again failed to hold the officer accountable.

Vallas is releasing the following statement:

“I’m running for Mayor to put crime reduction and public safety first and I’ll always support our police officers and give them the training, resources and strategies necessary for them to do their jobs,” said Vallas. “But I’ll also hold our officers accountable when they step over the line, and firing someone who is a member of a white supremacist group is a no brainer. Mayor Lightfoot and Superintendent Brown’s inability to hold CPD to higher standards is just one example of how they have utterly failed our city. Officers like this give the rest of the hardworking men and women who put their lives on the line for us every day a bad name, and Chicago needs a Mayor who will take decisive action and not continue Mayor Lightfoot’s legacy of failure.”

Watch Vallas and Mayor Lightfoot’s answers to a question at a recent debate asking if they would fire the officer associated with the Proud Boys here:


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