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Vallas Campaign Releases New Ad Showcasing Broad, Diverse Support from Chicagoans

“Great City” Ad Begins Running Today

Fresh off of a series of polls showing him continuing to lead in the race for Mayor and a major endorsement from Alderman Brendan Reilly, mayoral candidate Paul Vallas is releasing a new television ad that starts running on broadcast and cable today. Titled “Great City,” the ad showcases the support Vallas is receiving from a broad, diverse coalition of Chicagoans who are backing the candidate and his vision of putting crime reduction and public safety first.

The ad is available here:

“I could not be more proud of the movement our campaign is building of Chicagoans from all different backgrounds who agree that we need a Mayor who believes that public safety is a human right, and who will deliver on the promise to make our city safer,” said Vallas. “With just two weeks remaining until Election Day our team will continue working hard to earn the support of every Chicago voter by staying focused on what matters most to them, which is making our city safer.”

The Vallas ad features genuine supporters from neighborhoods across the city including Southside, Little Village, Bridgeport, Loop/Downtown, Hyde Park, and Lakefront/Lakeview.


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