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Vallas Campaign Responds to Johnson City Debt Scandal

The Vallas for Mayor campaign is releasing the following statement on Brandon Johnson’s debt to the city, which was finally paid in full today after the candidate came under intense media scrutiny in the past 24 hours.

Statement from Vallas campaign spokesman Phil Swibinski:

"Brandon Johnson is a highly paid lobbyist who makes nearly $200,000 per year, and his excuses for owing thousands of dollars in city water bills are just not believable. He could have paid this debt at any time, but he chose not to until he was called out on it by the press. Yesterday he insisted he was on a payment plan that would satisfy the debt before Inauguration Day, today he says he 'tightened his belt’ and paid it off in full. None of this makes any sense, just like Johnson's plans to cut the police budget by $150 million or raise taxes on the middle class and small businesses by $800 million don't make sense for Chicago."

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