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Vallas: Chicago Must Remain a Reproductive Safe Haven

As Mayor, Vallas will take steps to protect access to reproductive health care in Chicago

Paul Vallas is announcing a series of steps he would take as Mayor to ensure that Chicago remains a reproductive safe haven. In addition to affirming his own strong support for women’s health rights and Chicago’s status as a community that cares deeply about women’s reproductive freedoms, Vallas will make smart investments in improving the safety of maternal health care centers, incentivizing more reproductive health providers to work in Chicago and improving training for first responders caring for women traveling to seek access to safe medical care.

“As Mayor I will ensure that women in Chicago continue to have access to reproductive health care and that our city will always take steps needed to protect reproductive rights,” said Vallas. “With so many of our neighboring states passing laws restricting women’s reproductive rights it’s more important now than ever to make sure Chicago remains a reproductive safe haven.”

Vallas will work to invest in additional maternal health care centers, improve the safety of hospital campuses and provide safe transportation options for pregnant and postpartum mothers. Through partnerships with State and County Officials, Vallas will expedite the process for doctors specializing in reproductive health to transfer their license and insurance coverage needed to provide medical services in the city of Chicago.

“My record on reproductive rights is clear and the people of Chicago can count on me to protect and defend women’s reproductive rights as their Mayor,” said Vallas.


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