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Vallas Disappointed in Mayor Lightfoot Dodging Questions On CPS Email Scandal, Calls for Real Answer

Mayoral candidate Paul Vallas is releasing the following statement reacting to Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s press conference today on the growing scandal over her campaign recruiting Chicago Public Schools teachers and students to aid her campaign:

“Mayor Lightfoot may have taken some degree of responsibility for her campaign’s clear ethical breach and potential violation of federal law, but she has still left many unanswered questions. We still do not know whether or not there was an agreement between her campaign and CPS to provide school credit to interns, exactly how her campaign obtained CPS teachers’ email addresses, or how many other city employees were pressured to support her campaign. I am glad to see that both the CPS Inspector General and the City Ethics Commission have announced that they will be investigating this matter, because Chicago voters deserve to know the real facts and not just Mayor Lightfoot’s sanitized version of events.”

Paul Vallas is an internationally renowned leader and expert administrator with a plan to tackle the issues Chicagoans care about most including getting crime under control; empowering parents to decide what education is best for their children (regardless of income or ZIP code), and putting Chicago back on solid financial footing by making sound investment decisions and budgeting sustainably.

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