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Vallas Launches New Ad Exposing Johnson’s Support for Defunding the Police

Johnson Claims He “Never Said” Defund, But His Record Proves Otherwise

Mayoral candidate Brandon Johnson is trying desperately to back away from his past statements calling for defunding the police, even claiming this week that he “never said defund” and that it was “a political goal, but not mine.” But Johnson’s record paints a far different picture, and the Vallas campaign is releasing a new digital ad exposing it by showing Johnson’s numerous past statements in favor of defunding the police.

“Brandon Johnson is desperately trying to backtrack away from his support for defunding the police because he knows how politically toxic it is, but he can’t escape his past or his record,” said Vallas spokesman Phil Swibinski. “Brandon should just come clean and tell the voters why he wants to defund the police, because no one is buying his sad attempts to bury his record and hide his true feelings on the most important issue in this election.”

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