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Vallas Momentum Continues to Build, Surging Candidate Leads in Three Recent Polls

Despite a Barrage of Misleading Attacks, Vallas is Still the Frontrunner

Paul Vallas continues to lead the race for Mayor, with three recent polls all showing him in first place as Election Day nears. Whether they were commissioned by independent groups or competitors, all the polls agree that Vallas is surging and well-positioned to make the runoff election.

The three polls recently released are:

  • IZQ Strategies: Vallas 25%, Johnson 15%, Lightfoot 12%, Garcia 12%, Wilson 11%, Undecided 16%

  • M3 Strategies: Vallas 31%, Lightfoot 16.6%, Johnson 16.5%, Garcia 13.2%, Undecided 11%

  • Lake Research: Vallas 24%, Lightfoot 16%, Johnson 15%, Garcia 11%, Wilson 10%, Undecided 16%

“Paul Vallas is the only candidate for Mayor with a clear, consistent message on reducing crime and making the city safer, and that’s why he’s leading this race,” said Vallas campaign chief strategist Joe Trippi. “With Election Day nearing and citywide early vote beginning today, the Vallas campaign will continue to address voters’ top concerns and show them why Paul is the best choice to get Chicago back on track.”

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