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Vallas Releases New Ad Showing Dangerous Effects of Johnson’s Police Cuts on Chicago’s Future

“911 Unanswered” Ad Begins Running Today

Mayoral candidate Paul Vallas is releasing a new television ad that shows exactly how dangerous his opponent Brandon Johnson’s plans to defund the police would be for Chicago. “911 Unanswered” highlights the 21,000 high priority emergency calls that were not responded to by the Chicago Police Department last year due to a lack of available officers or cars. If Johnson has his way and makes deep cuts to the police, the city’s manpower crisis will become even more acute and response times will get worse, putting Chicagoans in danger.

The ad is available here:

“Chicago has an immediate public safety crisis that the next Mayor must address, and cutting the police budget like Brandon Johnson supports will only make this devastating situation worse,” said Vallas. “The only way to make our neighborhoods safer and reduce response times is to adopt a true community policing strategy, put more officers onto the local beats and rebuild trust between the police and the residents. That will be my focus on day one as Mayor.”

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