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Vallas Releases New TV Ad Blasting Johnson’s Disastrous Economic Plans

Johnson’s $800 Million Tax Hike Would Kill Jobs and Wreck Chicago’s Economy

The Vallas for Mayor campaign is releasing a new television ad that sharply criticizes Brandon Johnson’s disastrous $800 million tax increase plan, especially in light of recent bank failures, persistent inflation and other economic turbulence affecting Chicagoans. The ad contrasts Johnson’s extreme tax increases with Vallas’ plan to boost the city’s economy by reclaiming vacant properties on the South and West sides and turning them into affordable housing, providing low-interest loans for small businesses, encouraging more community involvement in the budgeting process and much more.

The ad is available here:

“Business groups, union leaders, small businesses owners, elected officials and residents all agree that Brandon Johnson’s $800 Million tax increase plan would devastate Chicago’s economy at the worst possible time,” said Vallas. “We need to make sure that no one gets left behind by City Hall, now more than ever. As Mayor, I'll reclaim vacant properties to revitalize the South and West sides, establish a Fair Share Investment Trust that gives homeowners and entrepreneurs low-interest-rate loans, and create an Independent Community Development Authority that brings every community into the budget process. We need to help homeowners and small businesses thrive, not squeeze them with more taxes, fees, or fines."

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