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Vallas Thanks City Council for Delaying Mayor Lightfoot’s Rushed, Secretive ComEd Deal

Vallas Glad to See That After Problematic Casino and NASCAR Deals, Chicago Won’t Get Fooled Again

Mayoral candidate Paul Vallas is releasing the following statement thanking the Chicago City Council for moving to delay Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s proposed deal with ComEd, which many observers have described as rushed, secretive and pushed for no other reason than to benefit the Mayor’s re-election campaign. Vallas said:

“I give a great amount of credit to the Chicago City Council for pumping the brakes on Mayor Lightfoot's latest attempt to steamroll the legislative process and the public by trying to ram through a proposed franchise agreement with ComEd. Attempting to rush a deal that would have major, far-reaching consequences for our community and that was negotiated in secret by a utility that is about to go on trial for political corruption just weeks before a mayoral election makes absolutely no sense. This is the sort of deal that requires full disclosure, close vetting, and full hearings before the City Council Committee on Environmental Protection and Energy. After the Casino rush job and the NASCAR snowjob, kudos to the City Council for telling Lightfoot ‘we won't get fooled again.’”

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