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With Car Thefts Up 55%, Vallas Calls Out Johnson for Opposition to Law that Increased Penalties

State Senator Munoz, Who Fought for Tougher Penalties for Car Theft, Endorses Vallas

Chicago is dealing with a major spike in carjackings, with the Chicago Tribune recently reporting that vehicle thefts are up 55% since last year, the largest increase of any U.S. city. But when the state senate unanimously passed a bill to remove loopholes that allowed carjacking suspects to be immediately released with little penalty, Brandon Johnson spoke out against it.

Johnson’s opposition to this common sense public safety measure, coupled with his embrace of the extreme “defund the police” movement, raises significant questions about whether he can be trusted to make Chicago safer according to State Senator Antonio Munoz, who was the lead sponsor of the car theft legislation. Senator Munoz is announcing his endorsement of Paul Vallas for Mayor.

“Chicago has a serious crime problem and we need a Mayor who will side with the victims, not with the perpetrators like Brandon Johnson has done over and over again,” said Senator Munoz. “Brandon Johnson’s approach of defunding the police and opposing stricter penalties for carjacking is the last thing Chicago needs, and that’s why I’m supporting Paul Vallas for Mayor.”

Senator Munoz will be available for comment, if you would like to schedule an interview please contact

Johnson’s extreme position on crime is clearly out of the mainstream in Chicago, with numerous public opinion polls showing that public safety is the number one issue and residents want more police presence in their neighborhoods.

“Carjacking is an epidemic in our city and it’s shocking that Brandon Johnson tried to stop legislation to ensure that car thieves are held accountable,” said Vallas. “I’m proud to have Senator Munoz’s support because he has a real record of making our community safer, and Brandon Johnson has proven that he can’t be trusted to reduce crime.”

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