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Alderman Beale: Johnson is Responsible for Campaign’s Racial Division

Johnson Trying to Walk Back Divisive “Black Labor vs. White Wealth” Remark in Campaign’s Final Days

In the final days of the mayoral runoff Brandon Johnson is attracting new controversy for his attempt to walk back a racially divisive statement he made at a recent debate that was featured in an international news story about the election. Johnson described the mayoral election as being about “Black labor vs. White wealth,” an incendiary statement that he is now falsely claiming that he did not say. Alderman Anthony Beale is releasing the following statement on Johnson’s divisive campaign:

“The only candidate in this election who has encouraged racial division is Brandon Johnson,” said Alderman Beale. “Johnson’s comment that he's now denying that the campaign is about ‘black labor vs. white wealth’ is a clear example of fanning the flames of division that have plagued our city and our country for too long. That is absolutely not what this campaign is about, and I’ve endorsed Paul Vallas because our city needs leadership and I believe Paul has the best experience, the Democratic values, the detailed plans and the most ability to get the job done. Race isn't a factor, and Paul has support from people in the Black community, the Hispanic community, the Asian community, the LGBT community and everywhere else in our city. Brandon Johnson's divisive racial rhetoric is tearing our city apart, and we need to reject it by electing Paul Vallas on Tuesday to bring us back together and move our city forward.”


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