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Vallas: Impending Layoffs at McDonald’s Show Fragility of Chicago Economy

We Need to Stop Johnson’s $800 Million Tax Increase

With the Chicago-based McDonald's corporation set to announce significant layoffs, Paul Vallas is once again spotlighting the devastating impact that Brandon Johnson’s $800 Million tax increases would have on the city’s fragile economy. Chicago business groups and union leaders have publicly opposed Johnson’s extreme tax increase plan, saying that it would hit the middle class and small businesses and kill jobs.

“Our economy is in a fragile state due to both local and national economic headwinds, and the last thing Chicago needs right now is Brandon Johnson’s $800 Million tax increase on the middle class and small businesses,” said Vallas. “I have a plan to grow our city’s economy, create more good paying jobs and invest in long underserved South and West side neighborhoods to bring more opportunities to residents. All Johnson’s plan would do is cost us even more jobs, but Chicagoans can stop that from happening with their vote.”

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