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We can win this,

but I need your support.

Help us get out the vote for Paul!

We’re asking every member of Team Vallas to post these three posts to their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

Dick Durbin is endorsing Paul Vallas for mayor, and so am I! He’s the only Democrat we can trust to strengthen our economy and create jobs. #TeamVallas


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I’m supporting Paul Valls for mayor because he’s committed to making Chicago a safe haven for anybody who’s been denied access to reproductive healthcare in their home state. #TeamVallas


Safe Haven Graphic Download Link

I’m endorsing Paul Vallas for mayor because he understands that we can’t live in fear of our kids not coming home safe from school any longer. We need real public safety and a Chicago that works for everyone. #TeamVallas


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campaign offices

Campaign HQ

Open daily, 9:30AM – 7PM

Call, text, or e-mail to schedule a time to volunteer


328 S Jefferson St, Suite 750, Chicago, IL 60661

(312) 530-7527

Campaign Offices

All offices are open daily, 9:30AM – 3:30PM
Call, text, or e-mail your nearest office to schedule a time to volunteer

Northwest Side Edison Park

7231 W Touhy Ave

(312) 340-1828

Northwest Side Jefferson Park

4718 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL 60630

North Side Lakeview

 906 W Belmont

North Side Edgewater

5638 N Broadway St Chicago, IL 60660

West Side 

3757 S Campbell Ave Chicago, IL 60632

North Side Wicker Park

1402 N Ashland Ave

(312) 358-3043

Northwest Side Logan Square

 2740 W North Ave Chicago, IL 60631

North Side Sheridan Park

4407 N Clark St Chicago, IL 60640

West Side Garfield Park

2404 W Madison St Chicago, IL 60612

Southwest Side

2748 W. 111th St.

(312) 536-9546

South Side

10528 S Ewing Ave

(312) 358-3655

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