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Paul’s Plan to Make Chicago Safer for Women

As Mayor, Paul Vallas will swiftly act to establish the Women’s Commission for Health and Safety, designed to reverse disturbing trends in recent years that have made Chicago less safe for women. Vallas will appoint the city’s first Deputy Mayor for Women’s Health and Safety who will be tasked with implementing Vallas’ three point plan on the subject and heading the commission.

Paul’s Plan for Women’s Health and Safety in Chicago:

Protecting Reproductive Healthcare

by making sure Chicago remains a safe haven for women seeking abortions, addressing the horrific disparities in access to maternal care for minority women here in Chicago, incentivizing Chicago as a home for reproductive health practitioners and improving the training and response times of our first responders to improve the provision of care to women needing reproductive medical care.

Ensuring the Safety of Women and Vulnerable Populations

by establishing a new 1st Assistant Superintendent that will lead the Commission’s charge within the Chicago Police Department. This will include improving training, operationalizing policies, implementing violence interdiction strategies, improving collaboration with the criminal justice system, expanding services for domestic violence victims, establishing a protection program for victims of crime, and implementing violence interdiction partnerships that target gender-based violence.

Making sure Women have Access to Affordable Housing

with improved coordination with the City’s Community Services Department, which will be galvanized to focus on health, safety, and housing and will coordinate directly with the Commission on its additional funding.

“The last few years have been terrifying for women in Chicago — violent crimes and sexual assaults have been skyrocketing, arrests and clearance rates are down, victims are waiting years for justice in the Cook County courts, and leadership out of the 5th Floor has somehow been both combative and absent. Meanwhile, a politicized United States Supreme Court conducted a planned assault on women’s most basic human right: their autonomy over their own body. All of these issues are critical not just to women in our city but to all Chicagoans, and my Women’s Commission for Health and Safety will comprehensively address them.”



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